Video by Hayley Sanchez and Brian Strack
By Hayley Sanchez and Brian Strack 
People usually see Valentine’s Day in one of two ways: the annual event that pushes us to go the extra mile for a significant other, or as an ugly reminder of our (lack of) love lives.
Whether you’re in a relationship or single (readiness to mingle optional), something we all have had is that first or best crush story that either makes us smile or makes us want to bury our heads into the dirt. You can share your best tale with a friend or your first tale to your true love. A few days ago, my girlfriend endlessly made fun of me when I told her I kissed a girl I liked on the cheek before saying I “like you.” That situation was followed by awkward silence and a cease of communication to this date.
These stories of how stupid or awkward we were should be something we’re proud of. For me, they act as the stories of my training before I got to something real. A collection of “what not to do,” if I do say so myself.
When asking strangers to share their stories the amount of people who “forgot” and “are not going there” was towering. Let’s embrace our past and use it for the future. Some people had their first crushes work out, but most of us are better because of what we learned. So learn by example from these six brave souls, and relive your trials and your errors this Valentine’s Day. Not only is it a reminder of things to never do again, but also a way to step back from the present and reminisce at how far we’ve grown.

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